Tuesday, August 19, 2008


totally have out-breaks. omg! what am i gonna do.... thanks to that foundation, that im totally sensitive with!!!!

since monday morning, i have been helping out for my father. haha. he had injured both of his arms, thus causes him to temporary lose the ability of carrying heavy items. im super tired... every morning waking up at 5. sigh!... great, i've to find a way to defer NS... and maybe going back to secondary school. oh my god... its so lame lahh!.... what am i gonna do???

it was all a misunderstanding..


* hope my out-break will recover soon
* manage to settle my NS's deferment problem
* hope to continue studying in Private rather than Government School
* an outing with you (you know who, eh.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

how does it feel?

there isn't any reason for someone to love, care & concern. im getting more and more confused each day. trying to search for someone that sees me thru. but, its not getting nearer, instead further.


* extensions removed
* to have more money
*to have my loved one